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Click by click tutorial series: NERD UP (Kajabi)!

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A complete, 5+ video tutorial series with everything you need to get started in Kajabi.

Click by click instructions from the minute you open your dashboard to launching your first marketing sequence! I'll show you exactly what to do and in what order!


Full NERD UP (Kajabi) Tutorial Series!

*Nail your members area, login, website, blog, course delivery, and marketing with the least effort possible!

5+ tutorials to get you up and running! ASAP.

This is a hand full of HOW I DO IT tutorials—showing you exactly how I build, configure, and market my courses from scratch.

If you are the kind of person who needs to be walked through the tech step by step, you’ll appreciate this full module of tutorials.

*Contains 5 NERD UP (Kajabi) video tutorial TRAININGS & PDF deliverables.

*NERD UP: Kajabi

Lesson 1: START HERE (Overview) These lessons will give you a firm grasp on how to maneuver the dashboard, load in your course, set up all your integrations, and get your baby out there! FAST. 

*NERD UP: Kajabi

Lesson 2: BLUEPRINTS (Upload) Blueprints make it push-button simple to create the structure for your course! Visualize your outline and load in your content in one click.

*NERD UP: Kajabi

Lesson 3: CHECKOUT (Integrations) In this lesson we will set up your course offers, checkout page, and sales page and link everything together in minutes!

*NERD UP: Kajabi

Lesson 4: WEBSITE (List Building) I’ll show you how to set up a basic website, store, login, and blog from scratch (in one afternoon!). For real.

*NERD UP: Kajabi

Lesson 5: PIPELINES (Marketing) You'll learn how to put together an incredible sales funnel with one click! (Amazeballs functionality!)

*28 days of Kajabi for free!

You'll get 28 days free Kajabi. 

+ Fast action BONUSES (worth over $400!)

*Only available right now during this special offer.

+ PLUS FREE ACCESS to our brand new PRIVATE SUPERCRUSH Facebook Group, The Breakfast Club!

+ BONUS FREE CANVA tutorial! Not a designer? Not a problem. Canva is a game-changer for graphics.

+ BONUS FREE SCREENFLOW tutorial! How screencasting works! It's easier than you think!

+ BONUS FREE EVERGREEN WEBINAR tutorial! Get that training on autopilot, asap! I'll show you how.

"(Bel's) social networking savvy is earning her a quick buck..."

Mark Milian
Los Angeles Times

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