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Episode 03: Strategies for influencers! With With Monica Woodhams + Bel!

We talk brand collaborations, how to make a podcast, and how your first crush is influencing your business.

Supercrusher Podcast: Your crush-worthy dose of influencer hacks, mindset shifts, business tricks, and candy flavored make-out sessions. 

If you are an influencer and want to amp up your revenue, or want to be an influencer and need a strategy, this conversation is for you!

PR consultant and podcast expert, Monica Woodhams and Supercrush Social's founder and CEO, Annabel Linquist (Bel) talk about the best strategies to making money as an influencer, how to get legit brand collaborations, and why you need a podcast! 

 p.s. You can find Bel and Monica on Instagram: & @monicawoodhams!

p.s. Podcast music by Bel:

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