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The cutest webinar optin page we've ever seen. Guys, it's good.


Can you say #cute-tastic?

(Warning: I say "cute" like 10 times in this video.)

As a B-School Alum, I'm a total Marie Forleo superfan. Crafting the perfect messaging is going to be the secret to your success.

This Ad popped up on my Facebook feed today and I just melted over her optin sequence. That has....never! happened before. Webinar optins are usually super gross.

**So Marie uses custom Wordpress pages, but you can take what she's done here and use your own creativity to make something similar! So. Totally. Cute. **

p.s. I do have a free tutorial that shows you how to make (cute) optin pages for your webinar here. This tutorial is fairly advanced and moves quickly, but you'll be able to see how it's done in Kajabi and bust it out quickly (without having to hire a programmer n'stuff!).

Party on! A

  • Click below for our Kajabi-tastic tutorial (How to make an Evergreen Webinar in Kajabi)! 

  • Click below for more about Marie's rad Copy Cure class!

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FREEBIE: BOOTSTRAP TO BIGTIME (10 secrets to building your first profitable course.)


If you haven't seen it yet, go have a look at my BOOTSTRAP TO BIGTIME 3 part video series! This free mini-course walks you through the exact 10 secrets you need to know when building and marketing a course.

Oh la la!


(how to) ORGANIZE IT

Who wouldn’t want a BUSINESS IN A BOX? I'll show you how to identify your vision and turn it into a profitable ONLINE COURSE.



I'll show you how experts who are generating 7 figures in online course revenue build their outlines and what software to use.


(how to) SELL IT

I'll give you 3 secret proven strategies to MARKET the heck out of your KICKASS course, and offer a shortcut to your success.

  • Click below to start watching!

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DONE FOR YOU: Tech geekery on demand!


You guys! 

So you are making an online course and you're starting to realize that it is wayyyy MORE work than you anticipated?

The cool thing about online courses is that you make them once and they run themselves! But for those of you who stalk me for my services, I do offer DONE FOR YOU tech services if you just can't handle the build.

Let's tag team this thing to bang out your first profitable online course, fast! Learn more below!

One of the things you'll realize if you hire people to make things for you is that you then need to hire people to change things for you. Totally not necessary! It's important to be in control of your backend even if you didn't build it! You'll see what I mean...

With this problem in mind, I've put together the best of both worlds. I offer 2 DONE FOR YOU tech service options if you want someone to build out your site, members area, and marketing while you work on pimping out your irresistible content! BOTH of these options come...

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SIMPLE 5 STEP funnel. (p.s. It's all you need!)

The truth is, all you need is one simple funnel that works. There are only a few tricks you need to know to really master online marketing. And they are simple. I’m going to break down the marketing sequence I recommend in 5 steps here for you, so you can bang this out.

  1.  You’ll create a FACEBOOK AD that will link to your
  2. OPT IN PAGE that will link to your
  3. FREE CONTENT (WEBINAR OR VIDEO SERIES) that will link to your
  4. SALES PAGE OR CHECKOUT that will trigger your 
    *Done. AND THAT’S it.
    It starts with a Facebook post. You’ll want to craft an irresistible Ad. You'll need an introduction video or image.

Make sure that you address the solution you course will deliver and know how to target your specific audience before you publish your Ad.

Don’t publish anything until you feel confident that you’ve targeted your audience correctly, your copy is compelling, and your image or video speaks to your audience.

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Crafting the perfect Facebook Ad: *TOP 6 TRICKS


5 things to pay attention to when putting together a Facebook Ad:

  1. Campaign
  2. Ad Sets
  3. Ads
  4. Facebook pixel
  5. Targeting

*Trick 1: Audience Insights: This will will allow you to broaden your targeting opportunities and figure out what targets to test to find your Facebook Ad sweet spot. GO HERE:

*Trick 2: Facebook Pixel: Don't skip this step! Setting it up is not as hard as you think.

*Trick 3: Power Editor: Use the Power Editor to expedite your Ad making process: GO HERE:

Tricks that convert when crafting an Ad:

*Trick 4: IMAGE TIPS


  • Experiment!
  • 1 to 2 minute videos work great.
  • Video Ads get seen more than static Ads.
  • You can retarget your audience using Facebook video Ads based on how much of the video...
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