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KAJABI TRICK 01: Customize your site-wide brand settings!



You can now customize your brand colors in Kajabi without having to endlessly cut and paste your Hex Numbers. You can set the default color palette used in the color pickers of all theme editors on your site. When you create a new Landing Page, Product, or Website the theme editor will automatically pull from this default palette.

Click here for written instructions.


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Font-tastic: A few neat fonts!

Are you feeling creatively stuck? 

When I feel like I need a little graphic pick me up, one place I love to browse is Creative Market. Huge fan. Sometimes I just like to go and look at fonts and colors and images to get the juices flowing.

Secret: You really don't need to be a designer these days to whip up a course or a landing page or a screencast that looks great! I use Canva a lot and if you find a font you like at Creative Market and want to use it in Canva, you can upload it directly into Canva!

Need a little pick me up?

*I posted some of my favorite images on my brand new Pinterest page! Click on the pictures above to check out some cool fonts I picked out for you!

xo Annabel

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