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Episode 01: 25 K in 14 days! With Sabrina Ward Harrison + Bel!

We talk cash money, Reality Bites, the power of knowledge commerce, and crushing on Ethan Hawke.

Supercrusher Podcast: Your crush-worthy dose of influencer hacks, mindset shifts, business tricks, and candy flavored make-out sessions. 

Holy ____! Sabrina Ward Harrison is the artist and best selling author and creator of 5 groundbreaking books with a total cult following. Her first book, Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself, was published 20 years ago, turning Harrison into “the voice of a generation..." This girl is a PHD level #supercrusher. 

p.s. Find Sabrina and Bel on Instagram: @sabrinawardharrison &!

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p.s. Bel's Instagram: | Pictured: Our muse, Mickey Sumner

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KAJABI TRICK 07: How to send an email broadcast in Kajabi!


Guys! You've probably noticed that things in your Kajabi account have been moving around lately. Yesterday I went to send an email and was like, wait. What?

When you want to send one email to your whole list (or a filtered list) it's called sending an email broadcast. No crazy sequence. Just want to send an email. 

**The new (awesome) automation function (which I'll teach you how to use in my VISION TO CASH trainings, kiiiinnnd of advanced) has switched a few things around in your dashboard, so I wanted to make this quick trick for you if you want to just send a freaking email and can't figure out how to do that anymore! K? K.**

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DONE FOR YOU: Tech geekery on demand!


You guys! 

So you are making an online course and you're starting to realize that it is wayyyy MORE work than you anticipated?

The cool thing about online courses is that you make them once and they run themselves! But for those of you who stalk me for my services, I do offer DONE FOR YOU tech services if you just can't handle the build.

Let's tag team this thing to bang out your first profitable online course, fast! Learn more below!

One of the things you'll realize if you hire people to make things for you is that you then need to hire people to change things for you. Totally not necessary! It's important to be in control of your backend even if you didn't build it! You'll see what I mean...

With this problem in mind, I've put together the best of both worlds. I offer 2 DONE FOR YOU tech service options if you want someone to build out your site, members area, and marketing while you work on pimping out your irresistible content! BOTH of these options come...

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