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Episode 05: Infinite Earning: Healing your money story. With Brittany Reid + Bel!

Supercrusher Podcast: Your crush-worthy dose of influencer hacks, mindset shifts, business tricks, and candy flavored make-out sessions. 

We talk first crushes, how to connect with your power through ritual, and creating a robust foundation for making a shitload of money. Say hello to your “infinite earning” potential.

Forget the hustle. There is a new way of building and running a business that is all about balance. Brittany Reid believes that your wealth starts with your health, and we are going learn how to unravel the struggle and clear the space for some serious cha-ching. Get ready for some massive tricks to up-leveling your business and your witchy side!

p.s. Find us on Instagram: @urmysupercrush & @brittanycreid!

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p.s. Podcast music by Bel: & Richard Tyler | Pictured: Mickey Sumner

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