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The cutest webinar optin page we've ever seen. Guys, it's good.


Can you say #cute-tastic?

(Warning: I say "cute" like 10 times in this video.)

As a B-School Alum, I'm a total Marie Forleo superfan. Crafting the perfect messaging is going to be the secret to your success.

This Ad popped up on my Facebook feed today and I just melted over her optin sequence. That has....never! happened before. Webinar optins are usually super gross.

**So Marie uses custom Wordpress pages, but you can take what she's done here and use your own creativity to make something similar! So. Totally. Cute. **

🍒🍒p.s. I do have a free tutorial that shows you how to make (cute) optin pages for your webinar here. This tutorial is fairly advanced and moves quickly, but you'll be able to see how it's done in Kajabi and bust it out quickly (without having to hire a programmer n'stuff!).

Party on! A

  • Click below for our Kajabi-tastic tutorial (How to make an Evergreen Webinar in Kajabi)! 

  • Click below for more about Marie's rad Copy Cure class!


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