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Amping up our Pinterest and 2 handy pro tips!


 We finally made a Pinterest page, y'all!

2 (Pinterest) PRO TIPS:

  1. Jenna Kutcher's Pinterest Lab (course) is awesome. She'll teach you how to install rich pins if you have a Wordpress site. If you are using Kajabi, I'm making a quick tutorial on how to do that! (p.s. It's easy!)
  2. Tailwind is what we use to automate our pins so we don't have to spend 100 hours pinning and repinning. 

xx Bel I make kickass courses.

Music: Holy Magic | #photo @gucci | Merci lips by Young Jerks 

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The cutest webinar optin page we've ever seen. Guys, it's good.


Can you say #cute-tastic?

(Warning: I say "cute" like 10 times in this video.)

As a B-School Alum, I'm a total Marie Forleo superfan. Crafting the perfect messaging is going to be the secret to your success.

This Ad popped up on my Facebook feed today and I just melted over her optin sequence. That has....never! happened before. Webinar optins are usually super gross.

**So Marie uses custom Wordpress pages, but you can take what she's done here and use your own creativity to make something similar! So. Totally. Cute. **

p.s. I do have a free tutorial that shows you how to make (cute) optin pages for your webinar here. This tutorial is fairly advanced and moves quickly, but you'll be able to see how it's done in Kajabi and bust it out quickly (without having to hire a programmer n'stuff!).

Party on! A

  • Click below for our Kajabi-tastic tutorial (How to make an Evergreen Webinar in Kajabi)! 

  • Click below for more about Marie's rad Copy Cure class!

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Episode 01: 25 K in 14 days! With Sabrina Ward Harrison + Bel!

We talk cash money, Reality Bites, the power of knowledge commerce, and crushing on Ethan Hawke.

Supercrusher Podcast: Your crush-worthy dose of influencer hacks, mindset shifts, business tricks, and candy flavored make-out sessions. 

Holy ____! Sabrina Ward Harrison is the artist and best selling author and creator of 5 groundbreaking books with a total cult following. Her first book, Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself, was published 20 years ago, turning Harrison into “the voice of a generation..." This girl is a PHD level #supercrusher. 

p.s. Find Sabrina and Bel on Instagram: @sabrinawardharrison &!

  • Click below to watch our BUILD YOU COURSE: Obstacle buster webinar!

p.s. Bel's Instagram: | Pictured: Our muse, Mickey Sumner

  • Click below to learn more about our VISION TO CASH: Build a course toolkit!

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KAJABI TRICK 07: How to send an email broadcast in Kajabi!


Guys! You've probably noticed that things in your Kajabi account have been moving around lately. Yesterday I went to send an email and was like, wait. What?

When you want to send one email to your whole list (or a filtered list) it's called sending an email broadcast. No crazy sequence. Just want to send an email. 

**The new (awesome) automation function (which I'll teach you how to use in my VISION TO CASH trainings, kiiiinnnd of advanced) has switched a few things around in your dashboard, so I wanted to make this quick trick for you if you want to just send a freaking email and can't figure out how to do that anymore! K? K.**

  • Click below if you are ready to slay your first course with confidence! 
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KAJABI TRICK 06: How to make an upside down website in 2 clicks!


There are so many cool Sections you can add to your Kajabi landing pages and website. In this Kajabi Trick, I show you how to use Link Lists to put your navigation on the bottom of your page to make an upside down website (or landing page). 

*So pay attention! Because in this short video I show you the super-converting upside down website formula that I use! It's so easy to over complicate your website, but it's actually super simple to turn it into a lead machine! 

Lead Machine = (No header) 1. Freebie: I used a Kajabi Event | 2. Social Proof: Press or Testimonials | 3. Problem: What problem are you solving for your audience? | 4. About: Why are you qualified to help them with this problem? | 5. Solution: A link to a free training or download to get them started! (Freebie) *Bottom navigation (using Kajabi's Link Lists). Done.

xo! A

For more (complicated problems made simple), check out VISION TO CASH: Build a course toolkit!

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KAJABI TRICK 05: How to pimp-out your sales page with social proof (in an unusual way)!


This little trick shows you how to use the Instructors block in your sales page sidebar to add some social proof to your default Kajabi sales page. I like to build out sales pages for my products using landing pages, but there are also some ways to pimp-out your default sales page to make it irresistible! 

If you are just getting started, social proof is going to be on of the main keys to rock out your launches and sales. Start collecting little positive nuggets of feedback from day one to let people know that your course is getting people the results they are after! 

Use this trick to add testimonials to your sales page and see what happens! 

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KAJABI TRICK 04: How to change the index page of your website!


Building a course is overwhelming enough! I want you to build your course content first, then make a sales funnel, then build out your website! In that order.

Here's why: You could easily spend the next year finessing a website and making it perfect, making no money, and collecting no leads. (This happens aloooot, unfortunately.)  I don't want you to do that.

I want you to make that content and get money coming in first! Even if you have plans to upgrade your website, think about doing that later once you've built your course, launched your first version, set up a solid funnel and have revenue coming in. Ok? Ok.

In this Kajabi trick, I show you how I just switched the index page on my website to a simple landing page I made that goes directly to my freebies page.

Au revoir! xx Bel

  • Shhhh.....get access to my VISION TO CASH: Course building toolkit for 400 off! Click below to learn more!

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FREEBIE: BOOTSTRAP TO BIGTIME (10 secrets to building your first profitable course.)


If you haven't seen it yet, go have a look at my BOOTSTRAP TO BIGTIME 3 part video series! This free mini-course walks you through the exact 10 secrets you need to know when building and marketing a course.

Oh la la!


(how to) ORGANIZE IT

Who wouldn’t want a BUSINESS IN A BOX? I'll show you how to identify your vision and turn it into a profitable ONLINE COURSE.



I'll show you how experts who are generating 7 figures in online course revenue build their outlines and what software to use.


(how to) SELL IT

I'll give you 3 secret proven strategies to MARKET the heck out of your KICKASS course, and offer a shortcut to your success.

  • Click below to start watching!

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KAJABI TRICK 03: How to get 28 days of Kajabi for FREE. !!!!!!

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KAJABI TRICK 02: Have a problem? Here's how to contact Kajabi's Live Chat!


Oh man.

Kajabi. Such a fan.

If you are stuck or having problems and can't find your answer in the  Kajabi Help Area, jump on a Live Chat! 

  • Click below for deets.


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