Bel, here.

Funny story...

In 2011, I took over Vanity Fair's Summer Guide and accidentally became a blogger with a viral site (before Facebook even owned Instagram). As someone who was a successful influencer before social media as we know it even existed, I've been around the block.

This year the technology for making online courses has turned a new corner. If you want to remain in control of the integrity of your creative output, free up your time, and not have to spend every second of your life taking pictures, this is for you.

This is the secret business model you need to implement. Watch this free training for more of the story!

"(Bel) exudes the effortless demeanor your older sister and her free-spirited best friend."

Ashley Parker
The New York Times

""This super cool girl (Bel) is a force worth checking out.""

Lyndsey Noel
Elle Magazine

""(Bel's) social networking savvy is earning her a quick buck...""

Mark Milian
Los Angeles Times

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